Monday, February 4, 2013

Overcoming Adversity Blogfest

The amazing Nick Willford is hosting his first blogfest today! He's asked bloggers to write a short story for an anthology. These stories will be published and sold with proceeds going to a cause dear to his heart.

His step-son, Andrew, has cerebral palsy. He's graduating from and excellent Highschool, but doesn't have much choice when it comes to college. Because of the current way of running things, his step-son won't get an education that will devlop his career. He's asking us to help so that he can do something about it. I say that's a worthy cause if there ever was one!

Scattergun Scribblings

Here's my story -

Jenna Winter slouched against the white brick wall of the school. Other hopefuls in tight pink leotards and brand new toe shoes stretched around her. The lean girl next to her lifted a toe to her knee as she completed a perfect pirouette, her arms going from around her waist to above her head.

It made Jenna want to throw up. She wasn't good enough to be here. She knew it. No matter how many hours she stood in front of the mirror and practiced each movementfrom the placement of her head to arch of her footit never looked quite right.

"54, 68, 23, and 19. You're up."

Jenna's back went stiff. She smoothed the crinkled 68 that was pinned to her stomach and walked into the studio. Sweat dripped from her brow and the dancing hadn't even begun.  A panel of judges sat against the wall of mirrors, notebooks open and pens poised to write their findings.

After a deep breath, Jenna shuffled her feet to third position and held her rounded arms in the air, waiting for the music to begin.

The first note pierced the silence, transporting Jenna from the studio to another world. Her eyes focused above the judges heads, her mind transporting her to a world where nothing existed but movement and sound. Back curving, arms flying, head spinning, the music took her away.

Delicate fingers traced the sky as her toes came to rest on the ground once more. She had done it. A smiled transformed her face as she looked up at the judging panel. There was no way she was getting called back, but it didn't matter.

What did matter was that she did it. She came here and danced her best, even if she wasn't good enough. For that, she was proud.


Is there anything you wish you could overcome?
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