Monday, March 11, 2013

February Mini-Reviews

Last month I really struggled to find time to read, the first two and half weeks of the month, nothing. The last few days of the month, 3 books. One of them was really long. So I'm counting it as two. I can do that, it's my rules.

Cragbridge Hall: The Inventors Secret by Chad Morris. In 2012 I brushed up on the latest time travel books that were sweeping the market. I did so because Time Travel was what I wrote and wanted to sell. I was sorely disappointed with most of the books out there.

This book blew everything I read out of the water. The way Chad incorporated history and made the time travel so subtle and brilliant, it was perfect. The tension was high, and the adventure so fun. This is one of those books I'll be saving for my kids to read when they get a little older. Loved it!!

 Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi. I'm always hesitant starting a second book in a series, and I was especially nervous about this one. It seems as of there is one truth about the second book in a series, and it happened in this book, almost immediately. If you haven't read Shatter me, do. You'll fall in love with Adam, then Adam will be ripped from your life in this book. But that's okay, becasue there's also a second universal truth about book 2. The character finds themselves for real. Before they can finish the job, they figure out who they are. Thank goodness that was also true for this book.

In short, the prose left me breathless again. She's amazing! Even though I knew this book would be the bumpiest part of the 3 book road, I still enjoyed reading.

The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. When I admitted on my Facebook page that I was converted to Brandon Sanderson, I was met with immediate shouts that The Way of Kings was Brandon's crowing achievement. I admit, I was skeptical and it took me quite a while to get into the story. There are so many characters and takes a good portion of the book just to get an idea of the true setting. But once all of that is behind you, it's intoxicating. The people, the land, the magic, everything is amazing. By the end of it all your mind is so blown, you forget that a real world is around you, needing your attention. Dang that real world! I could stay in The Way of Kings all day.

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