Wednesday, March 13, 2013

National Wormhole Day Bloghop

Tomorrow is Albert Einstein’s birthday. In celebration Stephen Tremp, Laura Eno, and Luanne Smith have put together the National Wormhole day blog hop.

The premise is simple. In 100 words or less tell What you would do or where would you go if you could traverse a wormhole through space or time just once?

Personally, I'd love to go to the future. My husband and I have been watching Star trek: The Next Generation and it's been really fun to see what they predicted as future technology. In some ways, we've passed up the technology on The Enterprise and in other ways we have a long way to go. If I could jump through a wormhole, I'd like to observe how the people live. Then I’d write a book about it passed off as fiction. I’ll be laughing in my grave as all of my ‘predictions’ come true.


If you could make up one piece of technology for the future what would it be?
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