Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for Comments

It's day three of A-Z and I'm continuing my theme of blogging tips. Today we'll be talking about comments.

Later in the month I'll be focusing on how to get comments, but today is about making it easier for people to leave you a comment.

I can't address comments without talking about CAPTCHA's. My regular readers are going to hate me becasue I talk about this all of the time, but awareness brings harmony to the blogosphere. What is a CAPTCHA? This lovely mess -

1. Blogger has an awesome spam filter. Taking off your CAPTCHA will not fill your comments with spam. Trust me, I've had mine off for years.

2. I often won't leave a comment if you have this box. I'm not going to try to fill it out more than once. Also, if I see this while I'm visiting your blog from my phone, I'm not even going to attempt to comment. It's hard enough with a touch keyboard as it is.

3. You probably don't even know you have it on, it's the default setting on Blogger.

Here's how to get rid of it -

On your blogger dashboard under settings (the wrench icon) select posts and comments. Scroll down until you see this box -

Make sure it's set to NO. Watch as the people rejoice.

One other thing to make your comments a little more fun. While you're in that same section in the settings, you can create a personal note to your readers to let them know you like their comments.

This box should not be abused with three paragraphs of text, I'm never going to read it. A simple sentence is more than sufficient to get your point across.

Remember, when it comes to CAPTCHA just say NO!
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