Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H is for How to get Followers

It's day eight of the A-Z Challenge and I'm continuing my blogging tips theme by addressing the one issue every blogger wants to know: how to get more followers.

If you're participating in the A-Z challenge, congrats! You've already taken one of the most effective steps in gaining followers, blog hops are an opportunity to expand your network in ways that you normally wouldn't.

Here's a few other tips -

#1 - The best way to get followers is to follow people, but that doesn't mean you should follow just anyone. I generally follow people that I see commenting on other blogs. That way I know they're an active blogger.

#2. Don't just follow blogs, comment on them. When you follow a blog, leave a comment so that the blogger can easily find you. Once you've followed that blog, keep commenting. The more you comment the more likely that blogger is to remember you. That way you'll make life long friends.

#3. Make sure you have something to offer. And I'm not talking about giveaways, I'm talking about you. If your blog isn't genuine, people will be able to tell. Blogging is a lot like meeting someone in real life, when you find out that you like the same kinds of things you make a connection. Content should be something that can relate to your intended audience.

#4. It takes time. You're not going to get 300 followers overnight. Getting followers takes consistent blogging over a long period of time. Don't get discouraged because someone who's been blogging for less time has more followers, keep at it and soon you'll find your numbers growing.

I couldn't end this post without thanking everyone who's followed my blog thus far. You all make blogging worth it!
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