Saturday, April 13, 2013

L is for Listening to Your Readers

It's  the A-Z Challenge and I'm talking about blogging tips.

People who read my blog are the people who keep me going. If it wasn't for those comments, I would have quit long ago. In fact, I did quit once (another post on that later) but the awesome people brought me back. I found out pretty quick how much I depend on my readers.

Now, I know yesterday I talked about how you should know what's best for your blog, and I still believe that. But, I also believe that listening to readers is going to help you become a better blogger. You don't have to ask your readers for a critique of your blog. In fact I strongly recommend you DON'T do that - opinions will be really varied and you might end up more frustrated than anything else.

What I mean by listening to your readers is figuring out what your readers like, judging by their comments. This is something that takes time. Eventually you'll start to see patterns in your comments. That feedback is valuable. Take a hold of it.

Personally, I view my readers as my single best resource. You guys are the best!

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