Saturday, April 20, 2013

R is for Reaching Your Blogging Potential

It's the A-Z challenge and we're two thirds of the way through! This month I've been talking about blogging tips. I've really been struggling to write this post becasue it's so huge and I could go so many different directions with it. But I'm going to focus on what makes my favorite blogs my favorites.

Since I'm still at a writer's conference we're going to do this top 5 style, again.

Five things that make my favorite blogs my favorites:

5. Their posts are diversified. Yes, the blog may be about writing, but they don't just focus on the craft. The posts are always fresh and interesting.

4. They respond to comments. Most of my favorite blogs have their email on and we chat in our inboxes. Bloggers that don't do that respond to comments in the comment section. They don't necessarily respond to every comment, which is just fine. The important thing is that their responses come from a real place.

3. I never feel pressured to visit their blogs or join their hops/contests. Sometimes when I visit blogs they're running a giveaway, but you have to blog, tweet, facebook, follow their blog and give your first born child to enter.

Or, someone is running a blog hop and every single day there's a new post begging people to enter. One post about our hop, a tab on your blog and maybe a reminder at the end of other posts (without pressure) is enough. If I feel guilty for not entering it makes me not want to come back. The best bloggers are casual about those sort of things.

2. It's easy to stay in touch with them. The best bloggers I know have Facebook pages and twitters where they post interesting content and engage their followers. If I have a question for that blogger, or if I want to invite them to something, they're easy to find.

1. They're consistent. They blog on a regular schedule. They never apologize for missing a post (even if they do). They are visible becasue they are regular and becasue they are visiting other blogs. They have things to say and they say them when they think of them. I'm friends with them becasue they're around when I want to chat. The best bloggers are the ones I can count on.

Is there anything else that you think makes for a great blogger?
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