Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Secondary Characters!

On  may 28th Rachel Schieffelbein is releasing her book Secondary Characters! In celebration, she's holding a blog hop to highlight our favorite secondary characters from both books and movies. Co-hosted by Theresa Paolo, Kelley Lynn, Jessica SalyerJenny Morris and Suzi Retzlaff there's tons of cool prizes including signed copies of books from Kelley Lynn and Cassie Mae :)

Sometimes those secondary characters steal the show and when it comes to books no one steals the show better than Fred and George.

"You two just Apparated on my knees!"
"Yeah, well, it's harder in the dark --"
Every time Fred and George show up on the page, all attention is diverted to them, you just know they're going to something hilarious/mischievous. And their hijinks just get bigger and bigger. Who can forget the fireworks and the pop up forest in the middle of the school? Talk about genius :)

When it comes to movies, there's one secondary character that will always be in my memory. Darryl from Just like heaven.

"Do you have a diet anything? I'm like, ninety-nine point nine percent parched, here. I could really use a Col-la."

I don't know what it is (maybe it's just John Header's acting) but every time Darryl appeared on the screen the main characters took a backseat to his brilliance. And with a cast like Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo that's saying something. This movie is one my favorites for that character alone.

Have you seen Just Like Heaven? Is there another character you would have picked from Harry Potter?
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