Friday, June 7, 2013

Donation Bomb for Ben Wolverton!

One of the things I like most about blogging is the amazing sense of community. Someone gets an agent, has a cover reveal, or is doing a book launch and everyone rushes in to help.

Well what if one of our own was in serious need with something other than their books? We'd still step up to help, or course.

I've been watching the outpouring of love for Ben Wolverton and it's left me totally breathless, but there's more that can be done.

His father, David Farland, is an author. He supports his family off his books. As all of us writers well know, the benefits package is really crappy. Now imagine one of your children needs 1 million plus worth of medical expenses. It's a little overwhelming.

Here's the deal, a few of us bloggers got together and thought, 'if we all donated at least $5 in one day, how much would that add up to helping Ben?' So here we are, asking for a small sacrifice to help one of our own. If it's not too much ask, click on the link below and donate.

If you really can't (I totally get that) then help us by spreading the word. David has been working really hard trying to sell books and do fundraisers, this is the least we can do to help him out.

Oh yeah, and the awesome Leigh Covington is giving away an ecopy of Million Dollar Outlines if you donate. Check it out!
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You guys are the best!
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