Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Getting My Nerd On

What defines a nerd? To me it's someone who's so passionate about something they take any chance they can to obsess over it. Being a nerd is a good thing :)

Am I a nerd? You bet I am.

I've stayed up late for book and movie premiers.

I've dressed up like my favorite characters for Halloween and movie premiers.

I've even argued about the properties of a horcrux, the meaning behind the Harry Potter spells, and the timing in which they were used.

Oh yes, I'm a nerd. I even own this T-shirt

Twilight nerds, FTW
So when I first heard about Cassie's Mae's book entitled HOW TO DATE A NERD, my reaction was a little like this:

Then, even better, she let me read it.

(Find my review here)

And today she's hosting an awesomesauce bloghop *squee*

So what's the nerdiest thing about me? My obsession with Zelda? My addiction to kdramas? (yes, that's a nerdy thing, there's even a KCon that I wanted to go to so bad I considered selling my first born.)

Nope, that doesn't even come close. The nerdiest thing about me are my socks. You heard me. I wouldn't be a nerd without the right socks.

And that's how I get my nerd on. What about you?


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