Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Push to be Unique

One of my biggest weaknesses as a writer is repetition. Seems like all of my first drafts have loads of the same words used together, and cliche phrases that felt like good filler space at the time.

The other day Cassie read one of my stories and said "This is cliche, make sure this conversation is special to them." and you know what? She's so right.

I had to laugh at myself becasue I often think as I'm writing that there are no new ideas, only new ways to look at old ideas. Even so, I tend to stick to old ideas when it comes to jotting down a sentence. Thank goodness for the editing process and the chance to correct those mistakes.

Which brings me around to purpose of this post--I want your advice. What is it you do to avoid cliche's and twist the old? Have you ever struggled to be unique?
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