Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Heart So Broken - Review

Welcome to another lovely Tuesday, readers! Today I'm excited to review A Heart So Broken by Christine Houston.
Goodreads Blurb:

When Jenna Tucker loses her father, the world held so neatly together crumbles without warning beneath her feet. Finding it impossible to regain her balance, she stumbles into a full throttle downward spiral. The result is exile to tiny West Junction under the care of compassionate Aunt Lilly.

A vivid dream awakens her to the hope of healing and an electric attraction to football hero Cooper Turnage invites her to believe that happiness is more than a possibility. Yet her resentment for the sole survivor of the explosion that claimed her father’s life continues to haunt her.

When she discovers a devastating secret, her still tender heart will suffer another blow. Jenna must decide between the comfort of bitterness and letting it go to embrace a new life without guarantees. With so much at stake can she heal a heart so broken?

My Review:

What I liked -

This is a contemporary romance which happens to be my favorite genre, so the all the lovely romantic tingly things were a plus in my book. Cooper and Jenna had a really cute playful relationship that wasn't too touchy-feely or too rushed (which is always my biggest complaints with romances). Beautiful writing and really strong voice.

What I didn't like -

There came one point in the book when Jenna was telling herself that Cooper just wanted to be friends when it was really obvious he thought a lot more about her. He was like, dying to spend time with her. Not to mention dancing bear hug style. After a really long good hug she'd go away thinking he didn't like her. If he was more hesitant it would've made for a higher stakes believe-ability, but it wasn't so bad that I wanted to put the book down. Honestly, that's just a nitpicky thing that I noticed.  

Overall - 
I thought I had this book all figured out from the onset, but I was really surprised when Cooper's secret was revealed. I had an idea of what might happen, but I didn't see it coming like that. It was awesome! What an amazing plot. I really like the characters and the banter, everything was great. I give this four stars!

Congrats on your debut Christine! I can't wait to read more :)

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