Friday, June 5, 2015

Summer + Writing = Anxiety

It's officially summer break which means all three of my little devils munchkins are home all day, every day. It's alright, people, really, it's not as terrifying as it sounds. Just take a deep breath and read on.

As most of you know, this September I'm planning on releasing my first full length novel, What Not to Do When You're Falling in love. Which means I can't take the summer off to spend each excruciating sweet moment with my pumpkins.

All you moms out there, just settle down for a minute. I know the thought of working from home while your kids destroy everything you hold dear sounds painful. It actually is, but that doesn't mean your kids can't have a little fun along the way.

Like every other mom on the internet, I don't want my kids to spend their summer days in front of the TV frying their brains, so I've come up with a solution that allows my kids to have a great summer, and me to get some work done.

I present to you:

This is the part where I write a disclaimer saying I don't know everything. Also, each family is different and these tips won't work for all. They can be modified, however.

These tips come in two parts.

I've assigned activities to each day, so my kids know what to expect during the week. We live in south Texas, so it's really hot. Which is why most of these things are inside.

Monday: Library Day. We get all the books we want and the kids get to be out of the house to play.

Wednesday: Water Day. This is the day my kids can play in the wading pool in the backyard or get the sprinkler out. Sometimes we'll also go to the pool or a splash pad. This is mostly so I don't have to deal with swimsuits every day this summer.

Friday: Craft Day. This is the day my kids are allowed to get out the finger paints, and the shaving cream, and the glitter glue. I'm not stifling their creativity and I don't have a giant mess to clean up every day.

Tuesday & Thursday: Mommy's writing days. I've also cleverly called these days pajama days. My kids are allowed to stay in PJ's and I usually make them a breakfast for lunch. It's fun, and I get to WORK. They know I will be writing these days, so it's expected.

Now, just having these things assigned doesn't mean my kids won't still beg to watch TV all day. So here's part two:

Before my kids are allowed any screen time (or even before they're allowed to do their activities), they must have the following completed.

1. A clean room with their beds made.

2. Dressed with hair done and teeth brushed.

3. 20 minutes of reading.

4. 20 minutes of math games/ problems.

I could do all of these things in a hour, but it usually takes my kids a good three hours because they play in-between. I'm not complaining.

So there you have it. That's my plan for summer. It won't all go perfectly, but at least I have a starting point. Happy summer!!