Wednesday, April 12, 2017

She started as writer, but when she gets older you won't believe what happened!

Did I get you with that click-bait title? I always fall for those dang things. Anyway, this is a regularly (or not so regularly in my case) scheduled update.

First and foremost I'd like to draw your attention to a fancy new box on the right-hand side. Yes, I'm starting a newsletter. As of now it won't be more than once a month. I'd love it if you signed up! And oh yeah:

There will be a free novella if you sign up!

Eventually, because I'm still working on it. Quality, folks.

Second, I've started a review group on Facebook. If you like receive free copies of my books in exchange for a review, please contact me! (email: author.jabennett @

Third, I've update my books tab with links, so check that out too if you get a chance. Until next time!


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