Kidnapped Idol

Jenica Lee has everything figured out. Or at the very least, organized. 

She’s compressed her year studying abroad in China to a list of five items, with visiting the Great Wall of China as her number one choice. Never mind that number five is falling in love, that’s something she wrote as more of a dream than a goal. 

When a freak rainstorm ruins her Great Wall plans and separates her from her roommate, she finds herself trapped in a stone tower. It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the annoyingly handsome Woon sharing her space. It’s not her place to be curious about him, but when he gets dragged off by intimidating men in black suits, she can’t stop wondering. Back at her dorm, she finds out Woon is a K-pop star who’s involved in a contract scandal. 

Everywhere Jenica looks she sees him, literally. He’s on billboards and T.V. screens in the whole of China. What she doesn’t understand is why he was taken away by those men. When she runs into him again she discovers the truth—Woon’s been kidnapped by a Chinese entertainment company. With no one else to confide in, Jenica must save Woon before he’s forced into a live a life of puppetry for the music industry.

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Undercover Fan

Corrine Miller-Hayden is too cool for K-pop, at least when she's in public. As captain of the cheer team and a Texas beauty queen, she wouldn't dare tell anyone about her closet obsession.

That is, until she runs into her Minji, her ultimate bias, at a fan gathering. She never dreamed she'd touch Minji, let alone accidentally take his phone.

When they meet again at a pep-rally, it's not like Corrine imagined. She thought she'd be showing off, but instead she becomes the target of a dye-filled water balloon attack. Abby was supposed to be her best friend, not the girl who openly shamed her in front of the whole school.

Minji saves her, not only from embarrassment, but from her own stuck-up self.

Can she love Minji openly, and keep her fangirling a secret?

Snowflake Kisses

An Amazon Bestseller

"It’s crazy to fall in love so fast."

Vee was too sensible to believe in love at first sight. Attractive guys and great personalities were not mutually exclusive...until she met Yangbin. Maybe it was his dimples, or his broad shoulders, or maybe it was his self-confidence. Whatever it was, Yangbin stood out to Vee like no one ever had.

She tried to brush him off. Forget about their one meeting and pretend she wouldn't care if she never saw him again, but when he showed up working at the hotel where Vee was spending Christmas vacation, she couldn't help but think fate had played a part.

She still didn't want to believe in love, but life had other plans.

Celebrity Superhero
When Anna Eom isn’t reading fantasy novels, she’s obsessing over her favorite K-pop group,
SUPER. Each boy in the group has a different superpower, but Sungwook stands out from the crowd with his super-speed and super-strength, not to mention his super-hotness.

The day SUPER’s latest music video drops, Anna’s mom does the worst thing imaginable and cuts the wi-fi to make her clean house instead. All because some old family friends are visiting them from Korea. Not only are the almost-strangers cutting her time short with her favorite K-pop group, but she knows she’s going to be thrown together with a boy she only remembers as a bully.

Caleb might be her age, but the last time she saw him ten years ago he stole her precious Disney princess necklace. What’s worse is Anna’s mom has threatened to clear her bookshelves if she doesn’t greet the old friends at the door with a fragile vase as a gift.

Anna complies, planning on getting back to her books as soon as she can, but when her parents open the door it’s not Caleb standing on the other side, but Sungwook from SUPER. Judging by the way he caught the vase she dropped with lighting speed, his super-powers might not be fiction.

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