Friday, April 15, 2011

Spiting into the wind

Starting a blog kind of feels like I'm coming out of the closet. It's almost as if I've had all these thoughts and feelings hiding in me and now I'm saying "Look out world, here I am!"

To tell you the truth I feel little embarrassed.

It's scary in the same way as having a wardrobe malfunction in the middle of a crowded mall. Everyone's seen everything you've been trying so hard to cover up.

Yet, I've been the one to put it all out there. That makes it as exciting as finding out you've won an award for something you thought was totally awful.

Okay, so maybe I'm rambling, but this is what I feel today. I guess I'm just telling everyone to buckle up, because who knows what's going to fall out of my brain and end up on this page.

I can see this blog becoming so much more then just my journey about writing a book, because, well let's face it, it's a slow process that always isn't very exciting. I see this blog as simply a way for me to write and to enjoy writing and hopefully improve my skill.

I'll still talk about my book because that is the original idea of this blog, but how much more can I really say without posting the entire book on here? Although, once I feel comfortable, I will post a place where you can get a sample of a few chapters. Because I need the feedback, because it is my hope to someday to be published.

I don't expect my book to take off like a shot, very few authors do, but I simply want to have someone read and say they enjoyed falling into my world for a short amount of time.

So I hope you'll still come. I hope you'll still enjoy my rantings (however pointless) and I hope you laugh along with me and my crazy up and down journey as I write a book.

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Blue Skies said...

I am so proud of you Jen -- we should send each other chapters of each of our separate books as we work on them to get feedback, eh?