Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Warriors

Good Monday everyone! I feel totally refreshed from a great weekend with good weather (finally!) even though I am now sunburned. Yup, it only takes me and hour of sitting in a lawn chair (in 60 degree weather) to become crispy red, that's how pale I am.

On my honeymoon to San Deigo my husband and I, being the brilliant newlyweds we were, didn't pack any sunscreen and I spent the entire vacation looking like a lobster, whilst my husband looked like he had the perfect surfer-dude tan. Some people just get all the luck I guess, and unfortunately my children inherited my skin color (sorry kids!)

Now that I'm a little older, with a little more wisdom (and a lot more sunscreen) I have learned a few things. One of those things is that life shouldn't always be rushed.

So I will tell you now, that I won't ever write on the weekends. Last week I was writing so much, there were constantly words going through my head, which made it really hard to sleep. This weekend I emptied my head. So here you have me writing about nothing.

But I think that's good in a way, because now I can pick up my book and look at it with fresh eyes. I think if I just wrote and wrote and wrote, eventually it would start looking something like this:

Person A: "You know, this has been a great adventure and all, but I'm pretty tired."

Person B: "Your right, let's call it quits."

And then you'll never know if they ever made it to their destination to stop the bad guys from doing whatever terrible thing it was they were planning, because I simply couldn't think anymore.

So thank you for letting me take few days off so I could not have a total meltdown.


Chrissydog said...

You got the pale skin from your paleface ancestors!

J. A. Bennett said...

True! Although I do have some Mexican ancestry,but none of it came through in the genes.