Thursday, May 5, 2011

One step forward, two steps back.

My favorite Disney movie of all time is "Meet the Robinsons". I cry like a baby every time I watch it. I'm a pretty soft hearted person so I cry at a lot of things, but rarely do I cry at something over and over again like I do this movie.

You would think I cry about the sweet boy who just wants to belong to family, or the family that so willingly loves him despite his quirks. But the real reason I cry is because of the theme of the movie. Your heart goes out to this poor kid who has tried so hard his whole life and never gotten anywhere. When finally, at the end of the movie (to the tune of "Small Wonders" by Rob Thomas one of my most favorite songs) this quote plays -

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” - Walt Disney

Then all the words fade out and all you see is "Keep Moving Forward" - Walt Disney.

Why does this tug at my heart strings so? Perhaps it is because I have failed a lot. We all have have. Yet, this movie sheds hope. A hope that if we just keep moving forward eventually we will succeed.

As a writer it is all too easy to get discouraged. You have to be criticized, it's part of becoming better. But that criticism can hurt. After all, how many hours have you been sitting at a computer typing word after precious word. You want everything to matter, so when someone tells you it doesn't work it can be pretty soul crushing.

Then I think about this movie. There's this one character who lets something as small as losing a baseball game at age ten ruin his life.

Isn't that what criticism is? A baseball game where we don't quite catch the ball. But with writing, we can change it, and we need to let others help us. So that one day, we can have that success. In whatever small measure it may come. Keep Moving Forward!


Sarah said...

Amen, sister!

They Call Me L. Carroll said...

Hey Jen,

Thanks again for following my blog! Oh, and I got the Twitter thing worked out too!

I am so glad to know that I'm not the only one who bawls watching this movie. "These Small Hours" takes me down every stinkin' time, and I've probably watched the movie 20+ times (No exaggeration!)

I'm looking forward to more of your tweets and posts and comments! :o) Have a great weekend!

Gemma @ My Big Nutshell said...

I love it. Keep moving forward. So true, it's all about hope.

Joross Barredo said...

KEEP MOVING FORWARD but be sure to look back. great POST :)


Aakriti said...

Hey Jen...simply loved this post of yours..ANd yes I agree with you..I;ve always hesitated showing my poems to my bro, the way he criticizes it annoys me and makes me feel sad..and then I got to see another perspective where I shared it with my friends on FB and on my blog..and they were all in praises for it..It feels great when we are encouraged and far as writing is concerned, I've found it's really helpful when people pr friends criticize us, or point out things in a sensitive manner..For us, each word is a jewel..:) Aakriti
Visiting from the Fibro
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and yes..a link I would like to share as well :)

Good luck writing ur sounds exciting:)

HeeWho said...

Nobody can inspire quite like Walt Disney! Read Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination by Neal Gabler.

Christin said...

Hey there! Just stopping in for the hopper strategized blog hop! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for following and I'm returning the following!

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

Great post. It's so true that as a writer you have to keep going. Criticism happens. But the key is to learn from it and move on.

Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.

Rukzrockz said...

NIce post and Walt Disney truly does inspire us a whole lot...Cheer's, Rukz!!

Lisa Park said...

I love that movie too. My little girl and I just watched it this morning. I agree that "keep moving forward" is an important outlook we should have in our life. I'm following you now from the blog hop. Check out my blog, Saving Cent by Cent, if you haven't yet.

Melanie said...

I had already read and commented on you blog hop post, so I found this one. I'm so glad I read it. I think you hit what life is about right on the nose. Thanks for being such a great person!