Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bits of Awesome #1

Yes, I totally stole this idea from Leigh Covington. She is just awesome like that. (Don't worry, I asked her first) If you don't follow Leigh's blog, whats wrong with you? I kid, I kid. If you don't know, Bits of Awesome are --- well, I guess the title is self explanatory.

Awesome #1 - Last weekend I got to go to the amazingly talented Ali Cross's book launch. Yeah, she had it in a Karate Studio. BEST. BOOK LAUNCH. EVER. We got to see some kick-butt fighting and learn a few self-defense moves. And I did I mention the food? Can someone say pretzels covered in caramel and chocolate? Seriously awesome day. And to top it off I got to meet some cool blogging buddies.

Melanie Fowler, Ali Cross, and me

Not to mention Kate Coursey, Carolyn V., and L.T. Elliot. I love being a blogger becasue the people are the best!

Awesome #2 - I haven't been super into Christmas Music this year, but I'm a total sucker for this song, no matter the time. (not to mention it's the only Christmas movie I've watched this season)

Awesome #3 - Last, but not least, I have a super fun secretsauce project coming up on Monday that I can't tell you about. I'll only give you one hint -

Happy Thursday!

What bits of awesome have you had lately?


Annalisa Crawford said...

Your awesome sounds awesome. My awesome is being able to breath easier today than I did yesterday, although I am coughing more - small things!

Have you ever listened to the Bing Crosby/David Bowie version of Little Drummer Boy? That's a pretty awesome Christmas song too.

Did I use the word 'awesome' too much there?? :-)

elizabethreinhardt said...

'White Christmas' is my husband's all-time favorite Christmas movie. Ever. I'm looking forward to snuggling with him and our daughter to watch this year! My little bit of awesome has come in the form of the coolest bloggers/readers/book reviewers who have been nothing but cool and nice as I enter the murky new writer waters. I feel really blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people!

Joanne said...

Love White Christmas. It's such a tradition in my family, we watch it every year and practically have it memorized! Some of its dialogue seems to often work its way into our conversations :)

Patricia Tilton said...

Jennie, Uplifting blog! Love White Christmas, especially the movie version. That is so nice that you got to attend Ali's book launch. Sounded like fun!

Abby Fowers said...

Hey! I didn't say you could steal my "awesome" song that I was going to share tomorrow! LOL. That totally rocks. White Christmas is my favorite movie to watch this time of year and I LOVE Bing! How AWESOME!

I am totally jealous that you made it to Ali's book launch! That truly is awesome!

And *giggle* for #3! :) Can't wait!

Kate Coursey said...

Yay for Ali! She really is awesome :).

Let's see....I bowled a 128 the other day! My friends and I bowl almost every day (my college has a bowling alley) but I've never been very good, so that was exciting. Also, only one week left in the semester! That's awesome! And the college Holiday break is a week longer than high school.

Carolyn V said...

Aw! Thanks for the mention. Ali's launch was amazing. I think I walked in right when they were doing their Karate chops. Scared me to death!

And I love White Christmas. It always gets me in the Christmas spirit. ;)

Jenny S. Morris said...

Wish I could have been at Ali's launch it looks like everyone had such a great time. White Christmas is one of my all time favs. The song and the movie. Can't wait to see what Monday brings.

cherie said...

You are awesome! I'm still sad I didn't get to go to the launch party. But it sounds like you all had a blast! ;)

Btw, I have a blog award for you. <3

Emily R. King said...

I wish I'd been at the book signing. It looks like it was a blast! The Bing Crosby songs is one of my favorites.
Merry Christmas!

Sheri L. Swift said...

Also LOVE White Christmas! My bit of awesomeness has to be getting the whole house decorated & now waiting for my grandchildren to visit! ;)

L.T. Elliot said...

It was nice to meet you too! So glad to be getting to know you better. =]

I love Bing Crosby. And White Christmas always sets the mood. And sometimes makes me cry because I think of that scene in Holiday Inn at the end where the girl sings the song alone on the fake set. And it's all about him and how she misses him and realizes what she gave up. And then...well, the excellent ending.

Merry Christmas! Can't wait to hear the good news!

Imogen said...

Ha, White Christmas is the only Christmas movie I've watched this season too. Not to mention it was the first time I've ever watched it.

WilyBCool said...

I was asked for an impromptu speech on the the true nature of Christmas. It was very much a blessing in disguise. ;D

I am looking to find out who the singer was that sang "Go tell it on the mountain" that I grew up with. A dark rich voice just as thick as honey. I miss hearing that song.

David P. King said...

Lucky. I wanted to go see Ali and Co.

Hmm. That hint on #3 is SO obvious, but I'm not telling! :)

Joshua said...

Number 3...bows...BOWS! You're giving away a crossbow?! Sign me up!

Rachel Brooks said...

Sounds like a LOT of awesome! Now I want to eat some chocolate covered pretzels. Just look what you've done!

Thanks for stopping by my blog =)