Monday, January 13, 2014

Adding a Table of Contents to Your Kindle Ebook

Hey guys! Welcome to another beautiful Monday! It's been seventy degrees for the past couple of days in Texas and I've been loving it.

So today I wanted to talk about setting up a TOC for your Kindle ebook. It's fairly simple. It takes a bit of time, but worth it when it comes to self-publishing.

I only know how to do this in Microsoft word, so if you use another platform I can't help you.

Step 1: Highlight the first section you want in TOC. (i.e. Title page, or the first chapter.)

Step 2: Whatever's highlighted should be changed to a heading. This can be found on the 'home' tab in word.

Step 3: Adjust the formatting. Once you click that heading button it's going to change the font, size, and everything, so make sure you change it back to how you want it.

Step 4: Repeat. You'll want to do this with all the chapter headings until you've selected them all. If you have sub headings, you can also highlight them and choose heading 2. That will automatically add them as a sub heading to your TOC.

Step 5: Insert the TOC. Go to whatever page you plan to have your table of contents, open the "references" tab, click the little arrow under "Table of Contents" then choose the style of table you want. You can format the fonts after the table has been inserted.

If you missed a chapter, all you have to do is highlight it, change it to a heading, then go back to your TOC and update it. Like so --

That's it! It's not too bad. This only works on Kindle though, maybe I'll show you how to do B&N some other time. That's even easier than kindle. Happy publishing!

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