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Jennie Bennett

Demigod Magic Academy

Demigod Magic Academy

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 A new generation of Demigods has risen, and they hate each other.

Rhea Olympios knows part of her is missing. Her looks, favorite foods, and even her last name are Greek, but the father who gave her those traits chooses to hide. It doesn’t help that Tarpon Springs boasts the largest Greek population outside of the country itself.

Drew is the first person who doesn’t make Rhea feel like she’s 
other. A Korean immigrant, Drew stands out in her small town. He has everything Rhea could want in a boyfriend, a loving family, a job at a bookstore, and gorgeous brown eyes a girl could fall into forever.

It’s Drew’s secret—however—that will prove to be Rhea’s entire undoing.

The magic Rhea hides in her empty heritage becomes manifest with Drew’s nearness. One minute Rhea is struggling to survive high school. The next, she’s thrown into the world of the gods where power rules and the weak get trodden over.

Rhea must struggle to put herself together or risk tearing everything and everyone apart.
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