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Jennie Bennett

Fangirl Problems

Fangirl Problems

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#Fangirlproblem 1: Feels

The only thing Talitha wants before she dies is to see X-O's Chansol in person. 
As much as her heart longs for a concert, being a penniless college student puts a big kink in those plans.

Just when she thinks she'll never get the chance, she shows up at her catering job to find all of X-O standing in front of her. As much as she tries to keep her cool, she can't help but burst into tears at the sight of Chansol.

To her surprise, he follows her as she runs away and the two of them end up dodging the paparazzi. Their attraction to one another runs as hot as freshly lit flame, but Talitha knows she can't keep Chansol to herself.

Will they be able to overcome his stardom, or will the #fangirlproblems leave Talitha's time with Chansol as nothing more than a dream?

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