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Jennie Bennett

Kidnapped Idol

Kidnapped Idol

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Jenica has her life planned out.

  • Study abroad in China for a year.
  • Complete her degree in international studies.
  • Then maybe become a professor.

What Jenica doesn't foresee is Woon. Maybe he’s good-looking and sweet, but from the moment they meet it’s obvious he’s in trouble, and Jenica doesn’t do trouble. If only his face wasn't plastered all over billboards, magazines, and every television in the whole of China, she might be able to forget him.

It’s not until they meet again that Jenica realizes her position as a civilian makes her the best person to help Woon out of trouble. Now Jenica’s forced to make a choice. Focus on her studies and leave Woon behind, or take a risk for once—and maybe find love along the way.

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